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The Beryllium Proficiency Analytical Testing (BePAT) Program serves as an external quality assurance program for organizations analyzing beryllium on filter media. It is designed to assist laboratories in evaluating analytical performance.

Research Triangle Institute (RTI) has been designated to provide, on a triannual basis, four different samples of beryllium, for analysis by participating laboratories. An evaluation report is provided to each laboratory allowing each participant to determine their current capability level and compare to an industry standard.

You have accessed the website for the AIHA PAT Programs' BePAT Program. If you are already a program participant, please log in. If you are interested in becoming a participant contact AIHA PAT Programs. AIHA's proficiency testing program for laboratories analyzing beryllium is coordinated by RTI International.

Questions concerning this website, test sample receipt and analysis, electronic submittal of your analysis results, or any aspect of this round of proficiency analytical testing should be directed to RTI International Program Manager Wayne Winstead. Inquiries of an administrative nature (e.g., enrolling and disenrolling, payment of fees, etc.) should be directed to Anthony Hodge, Assistant Manager, AIHA PAT Programs.