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AIHA PAT Programs' Bulk Asbestos Proficiency Analytical Testing Program for Laboratories Analyzing Asbestos by Polarized Light Microscopy

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This BAPAT website will close soon. All data entry and review of reports activities will move to the new AIHA PAT Portal. Action Needed: Please download your archived reports now for your own records. These records will not be transitioned to the new AIHA PAT Portal and will not be available after the transition date.

RTI will continue to generate and ship proficiency testing samples. RTI is committed to working closely with the AIHA PAT Program and participants to ensure the continued high quality of the BAPAT program.

It is the intent of the AIHA PAT Programs to provide a proficiency analytical testing program for laboratories using polarized light microscopy (PLM) to analyze for asbestos in bulk building materials. Research Triangle Institute (RTI) has been designated to provide, on a quarterly basis, four different samples of bulk building materials, for analysis by participating laboratories. Each laboratory will, at the conclusion of a test round, be provided with an evaluation of its analysis results, a report of reference analyses for each sample, and a statistical summary of results from all laboratories participating in the round.

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AIHA's proficiency testing program for PLM laboratories is coordinated by RTI International.

Questions concerning this web site, test sample receipt and analysis, electronic submittal of your analysis results, or any aspect of this round of proficiency analytical testing should be directed to RTI International Program Manager Todd Ennis. Inquiries of an administrative nature (e.g., enrolling and disenrolling, payment of fees, etc.) should be directed to Anthony Hodge, Assistant Manager, AIHA PAT Programs.